Indoor Lighting – Power vs. Plant

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There is no way around it, the use of any indoor lighting for your plants is going to come with a cost, so understanding which lighting system is the most efficient and cost effective is important.

LED lights are known to be initially more expensive, but are also considered to be more cost effective – eventually. So then that presents the question – is it worth making the switch to LED lighting?

Weighing Your Lighting Options

Studies have shown that if your HPS and LED lighting systems are equally efficient – they will provide equal benefits to your plants.

It has also been proven that your light quantity is more important than the light quality. Turns out, the quality has less of an impact on the process of photosynthesis than one might have thought, which means that HPS lights can be equally as effective in numbers.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Precision lighting can also improve electrical efficiency, meaning you can reduce your lighting costs if you use your lighting effectively – whether implementing HPS lighting, LED lighting, or both in tandem.

The Major Difference Between LED and HPS Lighting

LED lighting provides a more focused beam for specific types of plant growth, but a packed greenhouse could benefit from HPS lighting because less light would be lost to the floor or walls in its wider beam.

LED’s also take the lead in being cooler to the touch, and can be used between plants …effectively utilizing 100% of that lights energy. The precision delivery of light in LED fixtures also makes them ideal for supplemental greenhouse lighting.

It is projected that the cost of LED lighting will go down as the quality of lighting goes up. But by understanding your lighting supply, you might find that only a minor shift needs to be made in order to cut costs and increase benefits.

In the end, HPS lighting is the more immediate cost effective choice, but a carefully laid out indoor growing system could be equally as cost effective with LED lighting, if you are using your lighting systems appropriately. You can check out different lighting systems at your local hydroponic store.

At Baüx Industries, we aim to help you grow the most optimal crop for the most reasonable rate. We hope this post has helped to shed further light on your LED and HPS Lighting options! Our Grow Kits include Full Spectrum LED Lights. You can check out our lighting specs here.

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