Lesson 1: Organic VS Synthetic

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After five years of full-time employment in the gardening industry I thought I was a pro. I enjoyed consistent success in guiding my clients to impressive yields. My employer generously gave me the opportunity to teach course’s and from there I was able to face new challenges and obstacles which expanded my teaching horizon. Twenty years later and a owner of my own store,  I’m able to pass my experience onto you!  – David Robinson

Check out the first in the series from The Garden Sage David Robinson!

David Robinson partners with Green Planet Wholesale to educate you on cultivation.

To really understand the process of cultivation, you need to learn the factors/variables which can effect your yield production and here David will breakdown this with his lessons. Starting off with his first lesson which is Organic VS Synthetic. 

The factors that go into maximum yield are, in order of importance:

  1. Genetics
  2. Environment
  3. Cultural practices/techniques/the system/the grower/mistake-accident factor
  4.  Nutrients and additives

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