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Healthy Soil for a Healthy Harvest

Baüx’s main objective is to help you grow your own food and plant source, and in this blog post we wanted to touch on a subject that relates to such matters – soil.

Healthy soil is an important part and vital priority in growing healthy food. In fact, one tablespoon of healthy soil contains 50 billion (yes, billion!) busy microbes. Soil is as diverse as the land in which it is earthed upon, and as such – different plant communities will grow and adapt according to these different soils.

Nature has an incredible ability to grow and adapt in all kind of environments, often even seemingly beating the odds.

Understanding the Origin of Soil

Soil originates from a rock-based mineral source, but it is not actually considered soil until organic matter is combined with it. Whether living or not, an organic source can include: dry leaves, animal carcasses, and a variety of bugs that enrich the soil with carbon.

Soil, at its optimal nutrient giving capacity, is 50% solids and 50% air and water. What you don’t see happening is all that is under the soil …which is full of mites, nematodes, protozoa, and other organisms, and is what makes the soil a wellspring of goodness.

The symphony that plays within soil is truly nature’s way of harmonizing vital nutrients with this source of growing matter. When it is fully understood on a scientific level, it is as profound as it is beautiful how nature extends itself to creating and recreating itself.

Soil + Fertilizer = #WINNING!

However, when nature is incapable of regenerating itself, fertilizers are used to promote nutrient rich soil. Fertilizers are great to use for indoor or tent gardens, as well as outdoor. So long as these fertilizers are of a naturally comprised source, they will provide both the soil, and the food source being grown there, with vital nutrients. In addition, the water runoff from this soil will not be comprised of unnatural substances …so nature wins, and as a result – so do you!

At Baüx Industries, we proudly promote growing your own trusted food and plant source. It benefits you and your environment, both now and for years to come.

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